The Courts

The newly named ‘The Courts‘ are now open! Our 4 Pickleball and 2 Tennis courts look fantastic and are ready for people to enjoy in 2024. These are great facilities and we expect lots of new pickleball and tennis players to use and enjoy these facilities and become regular players.  

Our courts are located close to the Clubhouse and restaurant, golf course, and adjacent to the beach and swimming pool.

Visitors are welcome and can purchase their daily or weekly use fees at the Golf Pro Shop, which is located behind the Clubhouse facility, (restaurant & curling rink).  Racquet / Paddle rentals are available at the Golf ProShop as well as balls for purchase.

2024 Registration: Registration forms are available from the Golf Pro Shop.

Fundraising events will continue through-out the year to pay off the expenses for these wonderful additions to Pinawa.

Contact Peter Hayward (204) 340-0962/ Jan Schmalenberg (431) 374-0144 / Cindy Litke, (204) 807-2460, for more info or email The Courts at:   [email protected]

To Reserve a Court / Check Availability or sign up for an event, Use the Reserve or Event buttons below:


Drop in play fees (per person) $5.00  *tax included

There are racquet / paddle rentals available, as well as balls to purchase, all at Golf Pro Shop.  Note that courts can be reserved and visitors can only play in free times slots. 

Please respect the other people playing on the courts by not entering the other courts while active play is continuing, wear proper footwear, clean your shoes prior to entering the courts. 

** Kids under 12 can play for free when accompanied by a paying adult or member

All Fees, rentals are to be paid at the Golf Pro Shop, located behind the restaurant / curling club facility. 

    Social Activities

    Social Tennis is reserved by Club Members for Wednesday evenings starting at 6:00 PM.

    Contact Christine at 204-753-8303 for further information.

    Various events, lessons and tournaments will be planned throughout the year. Stayed tuned and follow The Courts facebook page for current activities and news. 


    The Courts Membership Fees


    Category Fee
    Adult Annual Pass $125

    Family Annual Pass* ( 2 Adults & Juniors)

    Family Annual Pass* ( 1 Adults & Juniors)  



    Monthly Adult Pass $40

    Junior (12-17 yrs) Annual Pass

    Daily Drop-In



    Racquets / Paddle Rentals $5 per racquet / paddle
    Pickleball (1 ball) / Sleeve of 3 Tennis Balls $6

    * Juniors under the age of 12 are free with a paying adult

    ** taxes included in the above fees.

    NOTES:   Family pass means (2 adult parents and their children 12 – 17).  *Kids under 12 can play for free when accompanied by a paying adult or member   Annual Pass memberships will be given a tag to wear on their shoes to indicate an active membership. A 2.5 % levy within each Adult membership is their contribution to the PG&CC Infrastructure Reserve Account. *No levy on Junior fees.